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Flooding & Toxic Basement Mould

Posted on Apr 19th, 2016

One of the largest causes of mould in the basement is heavy flooding. If your home or business encounters a flood, the most typical sign would be water running down to the basement. The water would stay present throughout the affected area while all other areas and rooms would be fully dry. Hazardous moulds such as black mould can begin to grow quickly after a flood. This specific type of toxic mould need materials to be very wet for a number of days before starting to grow. After a flood the best thing to do is to contact a mould remediation company or water damage company like The Concord Group who can perform emergency clean ups of homes/business after a flood.

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Grande Environmental Projects Ltd. (GEP)

Posted on Apr 26th, 2016

Grande Environmental Projects Ltd. (GEP) exists because many people are faced with environmental problems in and around their home or office on a daily basis. These issues can reduce property value, have a negative impact on quality of life and may reduce worker productivity. The mandate of GEP is simple: help home and business owners enhance environmental quality and improve daily living and working conditions. The Concord Group and GEP have worked closely to form a partnership over the last 12 years. A proactive approach to monitoring your environment and correcting problems early is essential. The natural and artificial environments we all live and work in must be assessed regularly to determine if we are exposing ourselves or our assets to environmental problems such as harmful allergens, biological contaminates, and soil or water contamination.

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Home renovations you should avoid doing yourself

Posted on May 12th, 2016

Electrical Repairs - There are several different technicalities when it comes to making electrical adjustments. It is often recommended to hire a certified technician to ensure that all electrical standards are met and that no wires over heat, to avoid a circuit break and ensure that everything is wired correctly.

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Inch by Inch Inspections

Posted on Apr 29th, 2016

Inch by Inch Inspections is The Concord Group's first & best choice when it comes to home inspections in and around the GTA. Tony Muscat is a professional inspector with Inch by Inch Inspections who will help you breathe fresh air. Mould and mildew growth is encouraged by warm and humid conditions, although can be present within the cold, winter months. Professionals who are experienced with mold issues and familiar with current guidelines must conduct all sampling. A Indoor air quality assessment is always recommended when purchasing a new home, after a large renovation and every couple of years. Let us help you evaluate the air you breathe. Remember Inch by Inch Inspections when you require home inspections.

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Mould: 7 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on Dec 01st, 2016

We often receive calls from homeowners with questions about mould and how fast it should be treated. We thought it would be a good idea to list some of these frequently asked questions for quick reference. The first question we address: My house is less than 5 years old, there is no way there is mould in my home. It must be something else. Help?

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Preparing Your Home For Winter

Posted on Nov 24th, 2016

Winter can be a very dangerous time for the homeowner that doesn't take the necessary precautions to prevent home flooding and damage. We've listed below a few tips from our professionals to help you protect your home and reduce the possibility of costly flooding and damages to your home and most valuable possessions. Turn off the water supply to outdoor systems - People often forget to turn off their water supply. If water is kept on during the cold winter months, the pipes can still contain water, which can freeze and eventually burst - leaving a big mess behind. Have a family member or friend check your home periodically - If you are out of town for a long period of time, it is important to protect your home. While it is a great idea to turn your furnace down to save money, it is important to know not to turn it down below 60 degrees or you'll face risks of pipes freezing and breaking

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What Is A Flood?

Posted on Dec 04th, 2014

Flooding can be minimal but also very dangerous. Not only could it affect you and your home, it can effect public and personal transportation, communication links, and most importantly our drainage systems. Extreme water damage can also represent a serious health hazard. Bacteria, mould and uncommon viruses can cause disease, trigger allergic reactions and can really damage materials after a prolonged period of time.

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What Is Water Damage?

Posted on Feb 06th, 2015

Water damage can come from several different sources within your home, office, commercial building, store, etc. Plumbing failures are the most likely culprit, however storms and rising flood waters are also the most common source. Storm floods are becoming more and more normal to occur in Toronto and surrounding areas, and it is important to note that when they do happen, the effects on your property can be devastating. The damage to personal property is one of the many aspects of water damage, and one of the most emotional of all the losses. Furniture, carpet, clothing and major appliances are all commonly affected.

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Why Does My Basement Leak?

Posted on Oct 08th, 2014

Over time, most basements will begin to leak. The major components of your home such as your windows, the plumbing, your roof, etc., has a lifespan and WILL need to be updated or maintained over the years to keep it running properly and safely. Over the years, no matter how new or old your home may be, the tiles that normally surround your basement which are known as weeping tiles, will begin to crack and shift. Once this happens, the cracks will allow for water to slowly make its way in, making the situation even worse. It is definitely fixable with simple waterproofing, however, it is important to get this done right away to avoid larger water damages in the long run.

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